What Exactly Is Life Changing?

This afternoon I dropped off my vacuum at the repair shop. Displayed rather prominently near the cashier was a vacuum that boasted to be “life changing.”

A vacuum that’s life changing. Really?

In the last few years I’ve heard people tell me their iPhone or iPad was life changing. I’ve heard others tell me that a vacation or a significant event was life changing. To be sure, we live in an age where hyperbole flows like milk at a dairy convention.

At Restoring the Soul we facilitate life changing moments. In fact, for almost ten years our mission statement has been to provide life changing soul care. But what exactly does it mean for something to be life changing?

Over the years as I’ve provided intensive soul care to thousands of individuals and couples, I’ve witnessed five ingredients that make for an authentically life changing experience.

  • Life Changing Moments Provide Clarity
  • Life Changing Moments Provide Reorientation
  • Life Changing Moments Provide Transformation
  • Life Changing Moments Provide Motivation
  • Life Changing Moments Provide  Direction

At Restoring the Soul we are thrilled to announce a brand new intensive workshop that we believe is life changing. Surfing For God Intensive Weekend is a three day intensive workshop for men struggling with lust, pornography, or other sexually compulsive behaviors.

Based upon the book Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle, the workshop combines powerful teaching, small groups, experiential activities, and ample opportunity to interact with staff and other men in recovery.

So who do you know that needs a truly life changing experience related to sexual addiction and compulsion?




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